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MigmaAdTM is made for the intelligent advertising. To attract the attention from people, it starts showing promotional information on an HDTV only when they are detected through advanced stereo camera for people sensing. Otherwise the screen is blank. Place your promotional information in MigmaAdTM and your targeted customers/consumers will see and read it!



What our customers said about MigmaAdTM:

It has greatly reduced the confusion in our lobby by directing the guests/customers of our tenants to the reception area. It has given a positive image for the employees, potential employees and vendors visiting our building. We have had our MigmaAd™ for about a year and I want to thank Migma Systems for making my job a little easier.” – Front Point Management, Walpole, MA

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say, "Thank you, Migma Systems," for providing us with such an eye catching display! It has run non-stop since it was installed over 7 months ago. I have been in business since 2003 and I also grew up in the town which we are located. The MigmaAd™ has not only brought me in new customers, it made my salon stand out. Since I am located on a main road there is a lot of both foot traffic and vehicle traffic and it has been extremely valuable since some locals did not know this was a hair salon. I love that I can let them know what specials I would like to show and have it on the display that same day. It takes off the annoying burden for me.” – Laurie, Owner, LD & Company, Dedham, MA

The MigmaAd has been beneficial in helping me determine if I should change my hours of operation. I also have received compliments on the ads themselves. One of my major vendors, who supplies many showrooms such as mine, wants to talk to Migma Systems about the program. I wouldn’t recommend them if I wasn’t pleased.– Rick, Owner, Pinnacle Kitchens, Walpole, MA

We are a new store in town and thanks to the MigmaAd™ hanging in my window, I am noticed. I have had quite a few customers tell me that it is what brought them in.  As a side note, it stands out more than any other store sign on the street, at night, when I’m closed. Letting people know I’m here 24 hours a day. It’s a pleasure doing business with MigmaAd™.– David, Basic Furniture, Norwood, MA

"The MigmaAd™ certainly attracts attention. I’ve had a number of customers come in and remark “I didn’t know you where here, I was passing the restaurant and saw your sign. So I had to stop in and see what it was all about” Tino Lopes, Franchise Owner, Jake’s Wayback Burger, Stoughton, MA




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